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Actuarial Insights: COVID Economy

Updated: Jul 8

Brilliant application of actuarial science, using governments' data to describe policy performance during COVID.

Accounts record history; Actuaries model and analyze data for its coherence with reality.

A variety of Math-based methods equip actuaries to predict and empirically test models of reality using official data. Specifically, a thoughtful fellow, Nick Hudson presented his detailed study of COVID data, to a South African conference of his professional peers.

Mr. Hudson compared pandemic data across factors using a range of methodologies following the Actuarial Control Cycle.

Here we have an extraordinarily telling presentation revealing the inner workings and effects of the pandemic on people, business, human conditions, and our economy.

The video (linked from the image) speaks for itself as statistical correlations show how public expectations set by media, and the claims made about technologies, protocols, and methods used by authorities, contrast with both their promise and reality. Committed to making sense of our situation and discarding misleading information, Mr. Hudson pursued the truth in and behind the challenges many faced during the pandemic.

  • Why study how life changed when it seemed terrible but appeared to challenge us like so many others around the world?

  • Did government agencies work with or against their citizens when they declared a pandemic and imposed extrajudicial measures?

  • What do we do if and when official predictions and propositions turn out to defy the facts and logic in our leaders' information?

When we can discern chaos from mere drama, and ascertain conspiracy from misleading propaganda, perhaps we can agree: Responsible people want to know how to guide us going forward based on authoritative data. People suffer or worse when business leaders and our loved ones blindly commit to mainstream assumptions, and Anglo-American and World Economic Forum leaders' propaganda.

Mr. Hudson's findings are clear and, for many well-meaning citizens including authorities and experts in different fields, astonishing. He explains his methods, credible data sources, and findings to describe what we have experienced. The actuary shares his thoughtful test and analytical approach using the data governments collected going into, through, and supposedly coming out of a COVID 'Economy'.

Bottomline: We need to know what we are being exposed to and understand the risks and benefits of injecting novel Countermeasures before we act on someone else's urgent orders.

We applaud Nick Hudson and for phenomenally focussed good work that provides useful insights. Can this inform business practices going forward as they speak to very human, financial, and commercial realities with global and personal implications?

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