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National Citizens Inquiry (NCI)

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

In response to Canada's handling of COVID-19, people got together to establish the Citizens Inquiry Canada (CIC), a non-profit corporation that provided the legal framework and volunteer organization for the National Citizens’ Inquiry.

The only one of its kind in the world, the NCI was launched on November 2, 2022, from the Parliament of Canada, The Board of Directors (ensured) that the NCI’s administration is carried out with rigorous financial and legal oversight..

CIC Board of Directors
  1. Chesley Crosbie - A long-time member of the bar of NL who has been entrusted by voters to represent them in leadership positions in the legislature.

  2. David Ross, FCPA FCA - A Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants of New Brunswick and Canada with significant recognition for professional leadership and community service.

Inquiry Commissioners

Commissioners ensured that the NCI was conducted, according to the highest evidentiary standards, There were four renowned Commissioners with diverse expertise:

  1. Dr. Bernard Massie - Microbiologist and Scientists

  2. Ken Drysdale - FEC, P.Eng.

  3. Janice Kaikkonen - Island Studies (M.A.), English and Political Science (B.A.), and Public Administration

  4. Heather DiGregorio - Lawyer

2023 Hearings and Government Petition

The NCI held hearings in every Province across Canada in 2023, coordinated by lawyers including Mr. Shawn Buckley, witness coordinators, and logistical and media personnel. Staffed by hundreds of volunteers, and lawyers to do cross-examinations, a Petition, and Hearings, the NCI engaged thousands of Canadians and experts from around the world in sharing their experiences and perspective on the pandemic in Canada:

  • Official Summons: For every Hearing, at least a few Summons were issued, seeking formal testimony from government, health, and other officials who were involved in setting and executing pandemic policies in Canada (few if any chose to appear).

  • Canadian Petition: Signatures: 74,774 Stating that, Canadian governments have exercised unprecedented powers during COVID-19.Powers that have set a precedent for you and your children’s future. A precedent that CANNOT go unexamined or unquestioned.

Inquiry Reports

The NCI produced thousands of pages of high-quality Testimony and Reports, with an Interim Report in September 2023 followed by a Full Report in December 2023:

Recommendations addressed many of the public's interests and concerns.

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