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The iTrust Financial team provides systems, advisory services, and subscriptions for economic news and analysis. We offer a valuable depth and breadth of expertise to help you understand your unique situation and needs in a meaningful context, coordinating information and services to resolve uncertainties, find new opportunities, and set and achieve goals. Where are you coming from? Where are you going and how?  

Management Accounting

Financial Analysis

Our Advisors can provide fresh perspectives on management accounting, and strategic insights and foresight. Using systematic techniques, we analyze your business, key factors, and performance to identify hidden pitfalls and untapped opportunities for performance and growth.

Strategic Guidance
Economic News

iTrust Strategic Report

Strategic Reports include a three-step Advisory review and systematic analysis to inform decisions and guide teams through uncertain markets. Subscriptions include a year of News and Analyses so clients can better manage new projects, ongoing investments, and unexpected challenges.

News and Insights

To see the light on the economic horizon, stay tuned to the proverbial forest and trees, we monitor what is going on and look beyond existing assumptions. With economic news and analyses, iTrust Financial provides timely updates including indicators that can impact an enterprise.

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