iTrust: Real people who care about real returns and real world performance for those we are privileged to serve.

To this we bring expertise and proprietary technology to unmask value by providing a range of financial services to clients in North America and abroad. These include:

  • iTrust Advisor services
  • Licensed use of patent-pending investment methodology providing market metrics and insight
  • Research, analysis, strategic insight, news, information, investment management services and related news, media, reports and publications for our clients

We are working with a view towards finding real returns in the post-collapse era following 2008. While that calamity cleansed some risk from the market, asset valuation and real financial returns remain uncertain. Perspective on real world debt, deficit and growing needs of an aging population, is further cluttered by competing messages wrapped in the frenetic news of an increasingly complex global market. 


Established in 2000, the iTrust name is associated with integrity and trust including financial programs and services that create value for clients:

  • iTrust Investor was published for more than 4500 fund managers, analysts and do-it-yourself investors,[2000-2009]. Revealing unique value in public flow-through structures, iTrust provided research on public equity issues and markets.
  • iTrust Ratings provided a model portfolio of Canadian equities that delivered total returns that significantly outperformed equity markets (nearly doubling benchmark returns). This informed a Report offered as a premium subscription for fund managers and private equity investors. It was wrapped up following its  "sell the market" recommendation Q1 2008. (2000-2008)
  • iTrust Partners consulted with managers of funds of funds in the USA and around the world, resulting in launch of the iTrust Partners Canadian equity fund for investors outside of Canada, and refined as the first Shari'a compliant income fund in Canada. Established initially as a long equity fund, it was further adapted for sophisticated offshore investors as a leveraged fund. Our Ratings signalled need to sell down the Fund so that investors' recouped their initial investment the week prior to market collapse in September 2008 (2005-2010).
  • Market insights for Avocis, the Canadian Association for Professional Financial Planners and Advisors were provided through Breach of Trust, an annual review of the Canadian income trust market, 2006.
  • iTrust consulted with federal authorities and market regulators (2005-2007) hoping to better inform proposed policies to protect investor value and market confidence.